Friday, 25 May 2012

Skilling, taskmaster

Hey people, just an update on what I'm up to right now :)

After hitting some agility I've swithched to more AFK-able skills (crafting gold bracelets in edge) so I can finish off some coursework, once that's done I'll be off to temple trekking until I've completed it and got my taskmaster!

Before going for effigy levels, I'm going to go for 90+ in all of my stats- here's the list in case you're interested! (and an estimate of how much game-time some are gonna take)

Woodcutting  85- 90
Fletching       87- 90
Crafting         86- 90
Smithing        86- 90
Mining           83- 90
Hunter            80- 90 (15 hours)
Farming         87- 90 (very long!)
Construction  82- 90 (10 hours)

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