Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Final stretch for Taskmaster + Gearing up for slayer Effigies.

At last, only 100,000 exp to 87 farming (the final skill req for taskmaster, now only the dreaded task of maxing my hapless temple trekkers to go!)

I've also decided that I'll be going for 99 slayer soon, for this to be a success I'd like to be opening effigies myself during/after the tasks, for this I'll need:
91->92 Fishing
87->94 fletching (might go for an easy 99 too if i can find time)
87->92 Agility
86-95 smith OR 83-95 mining- either of which are gonna take a looooooong time, however smithing might be the best option as I could utilise it to smith cannonballs for slayer later on!

Double drops weekend went alright for me, as I found Glaiven and Ragefire boots- I held out until the final minutes hoping for a Steadfasts drop but it wasn't meant to be :( Still, got my blue charm count to over 1k, which is a start if i wanna go for higher summon exp!

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