Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bonus XP weekend

I thought id share what ive got up to so far over bonus xp, as ive only had the opportunity to get a couple of hours training in! (and doubt I'll get much more)

I started with 850 overloads, rocketing from 96 all the way to 98(and a half!) in the short space of an hour- 2700-2550 xp per overload was brilliant :-D
After that i went to train construction to level 80 from 77 making teak tables (after the expected random event)- the new '1' chat shortcut makes destroying the current table and ordering more planks super fast and i loved it!

If i get chance (no chance XD) I'll finish off the rest of my construction supplies (3.8k teak planks bought before BXP) and maybe train some rc or fishing so i can complete my level 4 fally/karamja diaries.

So yeah, now only 77 hunter is stopping me from getting the level 80-in-everything-cape, milestone for me since i hate skilling..

Anyway off to sleep now and get ready for mothers day, have a good one!

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