Monday, 18 June 2012

Idling along

This is just a mini-update, since I haven't really done much ingame for the past few weeks (Thanks to Diablo III)

I've got myself 96 fletching and almost reset my dungeoneering progress (will get level 105 on my next runthrough)
I also gained a slayer level, got myself another fire cape, killed the corp a couple of times and unsuccessfully spun the squeal of fortune(neptune), though I managed to get a fish mask on a spare account which was f2p.. Oh jagex how you troll me!

Anyway, I'm still yet to finish temple trekking for my taskmaster (damn you Rolayne Twickit and Smiddi Ryak!)

I'm just gonna chip away at trekking, dungeoneering and skilling.

stay groovy!

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